Sunday, March 15, 2009

Saturday on the bus, a man sitting across from me dumped a zip-lock bag full of weed onto a newspaper in his lap and began to roll it quite deftly into about 8 joints, then place them neatly in a large orange prescription bottle. Then the man took out a box of Popeye's fried chicken and ate it.

Also, Saturday as I was walking past, a...uh, streetperson (problematic language noted) who yelled after me that he needed my boots. I felt flattered.

Last weekend while walking to North Beach with my cousin, Michelle, a uh street person (use of term a second time would seem to condone its use but really it's just out of convenience and a sense of symmetry) asked us for spare change. When I said, "Sorry dude, don't have any." He responded by asking, "May I kiss your ass?" To which I responded, "No you may not!" but then quickly thought, "How polite!". He could have said,"Kiss my ass." or "I want to kiss your ass." or "I'm going to kiss your ass." I was happy for the change of pace. My cousin joked that maybe we should take a cab to her hotel on the way back to which I said, "Nah." because I'm all jaded and city now.

And Saturday night I saw my friend Ryan Donnelly play a show as Casual Fog. He saw me in the audience and said, "Hi Lindsey" and I teared. I hadn't seen him in over a year. Then, an all dude indie rock band, Dame Satan, played "I'm on Fire" by Bruce Springsteen and I felt strong feelings about America and Bruce (we're on a first name basis).

Later Saturday night I had one of the best conversations in recent memory with my poetry fellows (fellas might be less gendered?) about the nature of charisma. Sure the conversation began there but went on to the nature of gossip, narcissism, trust, divulgence.and the affects of awareness of these on these etc. etc. rat-a-tat-tat. I'd like to say that my favorite contribution of mine to the discussion was the bit about charisma points in Dungeons and Dragons. My least favorite contribution of mine to the discussion was my use of the phrase "life force" to describe charisma. I think someone said, "Fuck you, Boldt." immediately afterwards. I apologized.

Sunday, I relayed the last paragraph to DZ who told me that the word charisma comes from charis, meaning a gift freely given. More excellent conversations with poetic fellas.

Crap, I have to go to work. Always more but there's some stuff. Mostly all of the above explains why I'm glad to be here in the Bay Area and that is the least charismatic way I could end this blog post and that is what I did.

And there were amazing ladies in my life visiting from out of town who added buoyancy and effervescence to my blah-sauce.


Nada said...

When you want to say "life force," just say "élan vital." It's hard to sound new-age-y in French.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Excellent! Thanks, Nada. I mean, excellent (avec un accent francais).