Friday, March 6, 2009

Here's to You

Happy Friday and a couple things:

1. Pony vs. Horse: First, what does each word conjure for you and why? Do you notice a difference? On a scale of 1-10, how bummed are you that you're being asked about ponies again? Second, were Pony vs. Horse the name of an independent film would it be better than that terrible indie Kiwi (Kiwindie?) picture Eagle vs. Shark? John? Third, I typed in the phrase "pony vs. horse" in google image search and a picture of Keanu Reeves came up. Sadly, the picture was not downloadable or you'd be looking at that picture. Oh, hey, do the image search; it's a nice moment you can create for yourself. Last, the reason behind the pony fixation will be revealed in due time, just bare with me.

2. Oh snap! Kathy Acker was an Aries. Fire sign. I totally called it (quietly to myself while riding the train today.) Thanks, Wikipedia.

3. Miette left me another poem this morning. I'd like to reemphasize that she did physically type this poem and that I had nothing to do with it. This one wreaks of either angst or psychedelics. Also, I don't know if you can see this but on my computer screen the repeated I's make striped rainbow patterns. Cat, you are freaking me out.


Thanks, guys. I'd apologize for the kitty, pony, astrology overload but then I'd be apologizing for my brain and I just can't do that in good conscience.


merkoneus said...

when i think of horses i think of braveheart the movie and all quiet on the western front the book.

when i think of ponies i think of shelly long in troop beverly hills and scratch n' sniff stickers.

horses vs. ponies as a movie might be a lot better than tired ass eagle vs. shark.

i enjoy our friendship lindsey. i think you're a really good person.

merkoneus said...

sometimes "john sakkis" leaves a comment as "merkoneus"

ask brandon...

Pirate Station said...

I have no pony memories. Except for the memories generated by this blog. And... *maybe* a portable barn of My Little Pony™ figurines. But that was a hand-me-down thing, not a purchase that I made myself.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Aaack, John, thanks. I just had a moment while reading your comment in which I thought maybe I had been spelling ponies ponys this whole time. I had to go back and check. Que embarassant (that would be).

Stazione de Pirata, so glad to be adding to your cache of pony memories.

Ta da, and hello weekend to all.

K. Lorraine Graham said...

I had a lot of My Little Ponies™ as a child. I had the original blue baby My Little Pony.™ I had My Little Pony™ seapoines and the My Little Pony™ dream estate. But, I used to pretend I was a horse.

estaiti said...

my sister and i used to pull the tails out of our my little ponies and in the bathtub we'd fill up their bodies and squirt the water out of their asses at each other. it was awesome.

morgan said...

Remember that movie Wild Hearts Can't be Broken???? Do you remember? girl jumps off high platform ON horse. She's blind or something.



Ridiculous Human Things said...

Blinded by a horse! Sent up like a douche another runner in the night. She's a horse jumper (off high platform into water) and she keeps her eyes open when they hit the water--gets all blind. She has to pick her socks out by feel. That's all I remember but yeah, it made an impression.

I think she keeps jumping blind later on in the movie. We should watch it for inspiration, Morgan.

More pony stories, please.