Monday, March 30, 2009

Guest Blogger: Irene Boldt

*Image Courtesy of Google Image Search for "Family"

Hi to Lindsey's blogger colleagues. First time blogger here, imagine a little stage fright and a drum roll. fyi I'm in San Fran with my darling precious daughter, Lindsey. My lst time in San Fran was around 1970 when the flower children were beginning to wake up in Golden Gate Park and think about making money so they could move indoors. Lindsy's Dad was presenting a research paper at Stanford and trying to make it to his 25th birthday so the draft couldn't send him off to the Viet Nam war. So this trip was different. All about mother/daughter bonding and looking for ways to be happy and have fun. Meanwhile back in the midwest, my (90ish)parents are defending their homestead against their childrens' efforts to protect them from falling down stairs. My Dad, a retired jet fighter pilot(who by the was had been bummed out because he didn't get to order troops around in the Viet Nam war), is rodding around the 3 story house in Mom's wheelchair because he did in fact fall down and fracture his hip. So, part of this San Fran experience has been problem solving with Lindsey's aunts and uncle...beginning to seem like episodes of Arrested Development. I picked the picture of the solar system family to help me put family in perspective. Family sure has pos and neg impact on becoming independent and maintaining independence. What do you think? Any success stories?
So stage fright is over, thanks for reading. I see that sleeping in the park is still an option. And there is another war going on. Still I vote for some fun and happiness in this sunny place called San Francisco. Love, Mom


John Sakkis said...

hi mom!

welcome back!


Pirate Station said...

Mother Boldt!

Now I know where Mini Boldt got her gift for blogging.

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