Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Checking In


1. How's your life?

2. Thanks for participating in the poll.

3. What if the word was "horse" instead?

4. Can you remember the last time you were completely off-base about something you had been so sure of? (Remember, the question is whether you can remember. You can share if you like, and really, I like it when you do, but that's up to you.)

5. It's going to be okay. Whatever it is, probably-maybe.

6. Something pertinent.


1. Life-like

2. Yeah, you know, no skin off my nose.

3. You first, and I'm not so sure about your grammar there.

4. Oh sure, but Lindsey, lay off, okay?

5. Okay.

6. Right.


Jennifer Manzano said...

Lindsey, is it really going to be okay? Are you sure? Probably-maybe? Please?

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Aaack. I don't know, Jen. I wanna say yes?

Also, people really should feel free to answer these questions. I didn't mean to blog-block y'all.

And, I want to start playing basketball/baseball/kickball/games with my poetry peeps. Can this happen?

françois said...

I'd be down with basketball.

Sakkis said...

I think that was the wrong choice francios. I think, as far a poetry peeps go, baseball is the game of choice. I also say this game sucks. Kickball is a def. maybe though.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Okay, I got one for basketball and some maybe for baseball and kickball. Takers?

Chris said...

I'd play kickball w/ people. There's an excellent kickball-ready field at 9th & Lincoln.

3. then an orisha would appear.
5. also, uh, ping pong, uno, jenga, and connect four.

françois said...

John, that would be "as far as US poetry peeps, baseball would be the game of choice." For us French poetry peeps, that would be football (the thing you silly USians call "soccer") or basketball.

Stephanie said...

Hey poets interested in playing basketball: send me an email! Not kidding!

David Horton has been trying to get an SF v. Oakland poets basketball match up and running, he continues to plan this from his current location of Beijing, he plans it so well I'm on board to the tune of leaving comments in comment boxes hitting you up to play. I think we are making a deep oakland video of this. Dan Fisher has even volunteered to do some - what is it called, does basketball have spring camp training deals? Well, poets basketball can and will. Spring training and everything. And I am pretty sure striped socks will be involved.

Ridiculous Human Things said...


I'm in! I was just thinking of trying to organize an sf vs. eastbay kickball game but since there's already talk of basketball, let's do it.

I am TERRIBLE at basketball but am tall so maybe that counts for something. I'll try to rouse fellow S.F. kids. How many do we need for each team?

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Also, Chris,

I'm down for all of above. I also have a tennis racket.

Carpal tunnel is a bitch though and makes my paws damn shaky with Jenga and actually tennis, especially. I blame my crappy guitar skillz on the same.

estaiti said...

PS I love that picture so much it hurts.

françois said...

L-Bo and Stephanie,

3-on-3 seems to be the most practical options.

On the SF team, John as center, and I can play as either power forward or point guard. L-bo, your pick.