Friday, January 30, 2009

Some Things

Child Quote of Last Week

"Who's gonna kiss that woman?!

Who's gonna kiss that man?!

No one?!

You sit in the baby chair!

I sit in the grown up chair!

I sit in the front!"

...Word, kid, word!

...Total future poet. I just can't tell his parents yet.



What happens when
the word cathected
becomes it?


I have something to say about Martin Puryear, plenty, but let me just pull the headphones off, take the cup of wine out from under my teeth, guitar out of my lap, head off the dang pillow, head out of the shiny/rosy gutter (gosh but it sparkles). Then, yeah, lots to say and boy, huh. Mostly, "Say my name Sebastian! Say my name!" (Never Ending Story anyone?). Did anyone else see the piece with the f*&@#ing narwhal horn busting out of a lump knot of wood? Exactly.


Me! said...

Me, my friend and girlfriend where in an auto accident a few months back. I was hurt in the accident but my friend and girlfriend came out fine. Guide me please friend!

John Sakkis said...

Me! is lying. i was there. His girlfriend is dead.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Me! Sorry to hear about your accident and your secretly dead girlfriend, total bummer all around. While I'm flattered that you would come to me for advice I honestly don't feel equipped to offer the kind of "guidance" that you seek. What I can do is direct you to look into the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (see earlier blog post). Ramtha will help you realize that 1) You manifested the accident and can really only blame yourself 2) The resulting injury can be healed by sitting in a tent for 3 months and rhythmically tapping your temples 3) Your girlfriend isn't really dead, she's just trapped somewhere on the astral plain trying to reach you but you've been too busy seeking guidance to hear the calls of your one true love. Good luck!