Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let Them Eat It

All the ones having cake
want to eat it too

ones have their cake
but still want more
and want more to eat
more of it

ones with cake
eat cake and want cake
and eat lots

and cakeless ones
eat some cake
they like the cake taste too

who taste cake,
they taste cake, taste
cake, they taste it
and can't scrape it
from their tongues
but some cakes they taste
on their tongues
for months
and wonder now
what if they
waste cake?

but then there's
always more cake
but what cake?
when you have no cake
the cake you take
is an important cake
when the cake you want
cannot be took

though these taken cakes
do take cake even
cakes of other taken cakes
and cakes will wonder
which cakes cannot now
be hooked

there are those cakes
that do not eat because
they are gluten free and
eating cake would hurt
the cake that they are
glad to be

and promised cakes
that promise to
eat a one and only cake
who as two cakes
have baked some cake
and made a sweet cupcake

and cakes bring new cakes
they bring cakes to the party
they say, cake, meet these cakes
eat some cake, we eat cake
it’s good cake, you’re good cake,
have some cake at this party

and all are caked
and get more caked
until their cake eyes have crossed
these cakes eat cake
because the cake
because the cake
because the cake
because the cake
because the cake
because the cake
because the cake’s the boss.


K. Lorraine Graham said...

"because the cake’s the boss."

Well, that's clear!

Stan Apps said...

well, after all

cake has a strong drug effect,

all that sugar + all that fat,


hard to resist

Stan Apps said...

also, "the cake you make is equal to the cake you bake"--John Lennon