Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend say, What?

Weekend say:

such lovely faces
Dana Teen Hunger Force (Lomax)
AirGuitar (in-the-making)
Smokes and Jokes (on a stoop)
QCATT (Quality Cat Time)
The loves of my life (all y'all kids)
Thank you, Thank you brand poetry
Oh My, Hell Yes brand dance party
Alli knows best when and how to jam
We should all say, Thank you Ma'am
And Thank you, Stan for the
Thank you, Thank you brand
that brand Brandon say, problematic
what can you say in these things these days?
and it was so nice to dance
with you all sirs and ma'ams
Morgan Levy with that giant smile
as opposed to a tiny, tiny mouth
bought 1/4 my weight in beer (probably not)
haggard morning, hello friend
introduce your favorite italian to free food
cape cod gooseberries (what?!)
taste like dick
just think about it
talk of juke boxes
burgeoning web ventures
rationales for serial killers
jodie foster
"everyone's a little queer, why can't she be a little straight."
eel porn
coffee vs. wine
logic props and color wheels
tell me about your life
no one ever wrote an impulsive and ill thought out letter and let it sit in the mailbox for the 12 hours till the mailman came
that's what email is for
hair on the face
and home, cat, potatoes w/ fresh rosemary (free)
Weekend say, more please


Sam Lohmann said...

Sounds great. And I remember Weezer too.

1 said...

Oddly enough I recognize some of these jokes.
Alls I have to say is Eel Porn never dies.
Think about it.

BB said...

can you tell me the story again about how you lived with Donna Dresch?

Ridiculous Human Things said...
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John Sakkis said...

persimmons completely smell like cum...

so much so that i included the line "persimmons smell like semen" in my poem Gelatinous Cube from Gary Gygax...

money shot fruit...

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Thank you, John Sakkis! You're the first heterosexual male to admit it. I'll have to read this poem of yours.

Skeet fruit.

Maxwell said...

I used to call her Disappearing Task Lomax after the DTFs (Disappearing Task Forces) that united to fix things back at college. Lomax fixes things.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Sam, I think I remember driving way too fast in someone's car (Julia's?, Clair's? Mona's) through the neighborhoods of Olympia's Westside and listening to Weezer with you. Am I making that up?

I definitely remember driving down to the water in someone's van (Mona's? Julia's?) and playing guitar on hay bails. We scrambled down to the beach and ran around on the mud and clam shells. Youth!