Sunday, December 14, 2008


Nit Picking

You say you cannot be both
hollow and full of nothing
and I say,
Have you tried it?

Misguided Expression of Feeling

First, I love well
and will be rejected for
no one wants so much
not even excepting me
I don't want that much
but here it comes.


1 said...

This is fantastic Linds.
Both parts, equally fantastic,

Please keep this up.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Thanks, Miss Collins. Those two are probably a few weeks old now, but I think some new are brewing.

Swords in the deck, battle back!

1 said...

Queen of Pentacles speaketh!

St. Clare said...

real good.

Stan Apps said...

I like that second one a lot. Pretty hilarious. I love what it does to the word "well," the tone that hooks on to that.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Thanks, friends. Stan, "Elsa in Berlin" is and is going to be fantastic. I'm reading Zoo. It comes at a perfect time, I think.