Friday, October 31, 2008

Rapscallion Layabout Ne'er Do Well

I am currently having a mild anxiety attack in an office on the 9th floor of a building in the financial district of San Francisco because once again I proved incapable of correctly forwarding the phones, or rather unforwarding them so that they will ring here while I am here instead of there while no one is there. Apparently I must activate before I close.

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1 said...

It's okay bud, I'll be your guide. Alright, L-Bo, just listen. Everything is going to be fine. You're very high right now. You will probably be that way for about five more hours. Try taking some vitamin B complex, vitamin C complex.. if you have a beer, go ahead and drink it..
Just remember you're a living organism on this planet, and you're very safe. You've just taken a heavy drug. Relax, stay inside and listen to some music, Okay? Do you have any Allman Brothers?