Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Pittsburgh rates:

Coffee +2 (big surprise)
Honora's new apartment +5
My sweet blonde family members, The Broadlands +10
Ultimate Fighting on the teevee +2
My cousin Danny's pantented invention "The Frankformer" +5 (stay tuned for a full write-up)
Ikea -5 (jerks)
Driving while listening to bangin' hip hop and freaky whitey's +5
The Mardi Gras bar -0- (pretty much everything about this bar is both its plus and its minus, canceling any rating where it sits. For example, having the strongest drinks in town. Trouble.)
Bricks upon bricks + 2
A different sort of green +2
Honora lives there now which makes it pretty much the luckiest city but she doesn't live in San Francisco which makes me the saddest Lindsey so I don't know how to rate that.

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JC said...

Aw heck, bring back Honora!!