Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pain in the heel and calf, sacral and cheek (facial) pain, specifically

Google image search turns up another great illustration from the creators of man-in-pain-with-helmet (see earlier post).

He bows his head, his face, rashy red from a lover's backhand, stares into the floor, touches his calf still hot with the sting of a rude belt or wet towel snap. A mysterious redness blooms from his waistband. Was his left hand tied here? What causes him to gaze so, in such submission, at the carpet below and hold his hand back and lay its back against his? He keeps taking it doesn't he? Whatever it is he's been taking he'll keep on it seems. Come on, guy. Come on now.


JC said...

I think it's scabies.
Pretty sure.

Maxwell said...

Is this yet another thing that's about me?