Sunday, July 6, 2008

Flavors Feel Good

*Favorite Flavors*

taste of a kiss after someone has drunk Mexican beer and smoked a cigarette--almost like pear

root beer--and also the base of a pansy flower--same flavor

very new bright green pine needles--specifically douglas fir

double short americano with cream and a bit of sugar

beef cooked with onions

salmon nigiri with a bit of lemon and green onion

bright ripe peach


*Favorite Mouth Feels*


ripe peach

salmon nigiri

rubber spatula (bitten)


steak off the bone

french kissing

fingers (bitten)

* I was a big thumb sucker as a child
* As you can see this list closely resembles the list of favorite flavors. It may be safe to assume that I am a sub-taster as the role that texture plays in my enjoyment of my favorite foods seems to be equally if not more important.
*I just returned from my first wine tasting excursion to Sonoma County. The list above still stands though I did enjoy the wines very much, still no favorites.
*I may be what is called a Sensualist, though I don't yet have a full understanding of what that means. Can one be a Sensualist in life but escape that label in their writing? Is there any point in making that kind of distinction?


JC said...

no point.

JC said...

I like pancakes.