Friday, June 6, 2008

Antidote to Sex and the City and also these things are just bound to happen...

From I Dreamt I was a Nymphomaniac:

"I nod hello to Dan. He announces he's getting married: introduces the woman with whom he's going to get married. I walk away to get more champagne. As I return to the balcony, a blonde woman walks up to the group the stranger says "I didn't know you wanted to come here." He introduces his wife to us. I'm going crazy but withstraining myself admirably. If I don't fuck someone soon know someone wants me, I'll have to ride my horse for three days again: do something wilder. I can't stop myself. I get another drink. Mel someone walks up to us says "I'm the only man here who isn't married or about to be married" meaning I might as well fuck him because I'm so desperate. I ask him to marry me since I have a lot of money: I'll support him. I tell him how much money I have. He says "Yes. I tell him to go shit on himself. I'm in a lousy mood."

--perhaps this is no antidote at all but something better. i've seen this scene played out in designer clothing and located in New York rather than good ol' San Francisco. i saw it on tv. the movie was awful. the show has it's moments. this is not an advertisement. except that it is one for Kathy Acker. this is not literary criticism. how can i escape feeling like a salesman on this blog? my posts are tuned to an entertaining pitch and kept short and punchy like marketing copy. one big blurb, but what for? a blurb for me? just so you know, internet, i'm fantastic! like shampoo, i'm fantastic like shampoo is fantastic. What is going on here? What.

--stay tuned for clips from Freud's Totem and Taboo it'll blow your mind and then make you reevaluate your value system! Yeah!

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