Thursday, May 22, 2008

Road Trip Purchases

Road trip purchases in brief:

To begin...
Food Stuffs from Trader Joe's- Hummus, block of cheese, salami, beef jerky, chips, salsa, cheesey crackers, Trader Joes' brand Emer-gen-C, bagels, Trader Joe's Brand Reeces Peanutbutter Cups, chocolate covered malt balls, Laughing Cow Cheese (Garlic and Onion flavoured), 1 six pack Czech beer, 2 four packs tall, German canbeer, 1 bottle sparkling red wine (weird), 2 bottles red wine, water, smart water

1 Pendleton plaid shirt (thrift)

1 grandma quilted purse (thrift)
1 stewardess or Albertson's employee-style clip on tie (duh)
1 pair short shorts
1 pair red flip flops
1 pair 4th of July socks
1 pair tortoise shell sunglasses
1 IHOP breakfast
Many postcards
1 campsite
1 bag Marshmallows
1 package hot dogs
1 can vegetarian chili
1 package of tiny sugar cereals
1 tiny bottle o' milk
1 bag o' salad
2 tall cans Chelada (Budweiser and clam juice)

1 red leather zipper case containing 5 plastic viles held in place by elastic (thrift)

1 little boy's tie dye t-shirt (thrift)
1 little girl's t-shirt with music note motif (thrift)
1 pair cat shorts (hand made boxer-style shorts in rainbow cartoon cat print...thrift)
1 hand painted japanese flower motif t-shirt (thrift)
1 hand made flowery tank top (thrift)
1 skirt in asian/hawaiian motif (thrift)
7 chances to pop a balloon and win a prize

20 Carnival ride tickets (we got sick)

Coffee x every morning, thanks
Gas x a lot
Hotel x 3
Entrance to National Park x 2

1 bottle Coolant
*1 plane ticket--Salt Lake City to Seattle. (Decidedly NOT thrift)
Resulting in...
1 pizza bagel
1 scratch and win ticket (no dice)
2 whiskey sodas at airport bar (Julia had 2 gin and tonics)

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