Thursday, May 29, 2008

Deal-breakers: Please Interact

Please would you add to my accumulating list of deal-breakers? Throughout my travels I've accrued some good ones, not just mine, mind you, and would like to see the list grow. To summarize, a deal-breaker is a trait, personality or otherwise that brings any question of the possibility of a romantic relationship with the haver to a screeching, glaring, squelching halt. A Deal-Breaker is unique in that it only relates to romantic relationships. One might put up with a deal-breaker trait in a friend but when it comes to love, you just. can't. hang. For inspiration I'll list a few of my personal favorites:

Fake flowers (possession of)

Overuse of internet/text message abbreviations ie: lol, omg, btw concurrent with lack of irony (key point)

Matchpoint, the film by Woody Allen (appreciation of)

Unfortunate last names (quick check: would you ever want this name to become associated with you?) Special credit given to those that sound like a bodily function, bodily excretion or body part

If this net I'm casting catches some good fish I'll post a full list.


Honora said...

hemp necklaces
reggae tattoos or dreads on white guys
picky eaters or vegans
chinese tattoos
dudes who pick fights
small do the math
obviously gelled hair
don't think I am funny
no sheets on bed
poo breath
men who shave body hair...tis prickly
meth addicts
bad tippers
hand holders and smothering snugglers
cheesy pet names during sex
use the word "post modern" way too much

mark wallace said...

Talking too insistently about "my career."

Maxwell said...

is writing a play
helps in the kitchen
tastes of coins
dampish thoracic vertebrae
reorganized my [anything]
has referred to Israel/Palestine conflict three times this evening
visits me... "SURPRISE!"
most recent: uses the phrase "radical faith" with heart-felt sincerity. deal broken.

Maxwell said...

oh, left handed. sorry. no.

Ridiculous Human Things said...

Has taken a spin on the village bike or bikette