Thursday, November 15, 2007

INTRODUCING AIR GUITAR: The last pure art form

Air Guitar has been described as:


“It’s better when you don’t laugh.”

“This is isn’t a podcast. It doesn’t have a… (technical jargon)”

“This gives me hope for the future of _______”

“I was hoping there would be more air guitar.”

“I want my joke back.”

“It’s the last pure art form…Right? Is that what I’m supposed to say? Okay, okay, I said it, fucking cut it out! That hurts!”

“It’s like if two people had been friends since high school and they didn’t see each other very often because one of them lived in Canada and the other one lived in California but they still really liked each other and they called each other almost every week and made a lot of jokes on the phone and then they decided to do a podcast; this is what it would sound like, except those two people’s podcast would be funnier.”

Julia Marshburn and Lindsey Boldt invite you to please join us by listening to Episode 1 of Air Guitar at ( For optimum enjoyment, listen to this podcast on a nice sound system, like maybe an expensive one. We don’t know what that would sound like but we imagine that it would sound pretty good.

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