Saturday, August 11, 2007

Homophonic Translation

Homophonic Translation from Vietnamese Ca Dae (folksongs)

Guy go like…guy go come.
May and I shook they, “Hey, Kong and ya.”
May a day more pooing doing
saw May, I saw dung chewing Pa
aye Ma.

Doing-- Oh my,
I caught ye tang man job yow!
Ow! Ram Sam lung bat ye donkey
a chow light yeah.
La la Kong loom pop, soon caught, I lunge.
I we come and they loom they come and bow light.
Are you sure?

Ah,..uh… book look room sour man taught ya
“Tie me up boy-man. Look me tie hand.
I lamb, like you dog.”
joy sure come new.

The young man came an…the young man came an…
Oh? Are you sure?
Ah…uh,…book shook room down, man sour sour him,
yeah tie ‘em up man, tie hand.
“Joy sure come new boy”…he…he done bade to me
Ah,..uh… hung we on a numb con am…

“My, my numb joy,
take tie nook now um,..I,
joy no, no yeah soon,” sung Pa
“fuck him like yeah yeah”

“Fuck him like I good yeah.
Room noon mmm, yeah,
yow cow yen dumb, cow
yen dung uh… cow. ooh tie Ella,
clay Ella when call day, claw day,
call day shy on tongue
yeah oh sung.”

“Oh yeah? un-cool”
Oh, ah… um…

“Mmm you do a boy joy.”
Bay a boy, boy toy long time
going ta, going ta…tie ‘em,
tie bomb, tie all now, suck new die now
…oh kung!

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