Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Stop Surfing and Start Dating
by people who can cop to it if they like

You're President ain't black, he ain't Chuck D.
escalated to this platform
after riding in the way-back
lots of gossip after raising
my hands at this concert
I got lost in a city called Liberty Bell
but it was a street, no it was a river.
Look--I don't even know what to do
with the sarcophages I have
my tongue up Alec Baldwin's ass
and I'm thinking "gravitas"
Gravitas of the crude vaturs
and Bogart mesmerizes while any
splendid sip of this makes a fist of my
mind sketti - that's short for spaghetti - it rhymes
with Yeti. My bangs rock blunts like a skater
Betty. Sing me a song, call me cute hon' I'm ready.
I'm chillin on the escalator eating a
grilled veggie burrito. Child rap slave.
Child Black Survival Guide, Tourist Guide
Survival Guide. We all need more SALT!
Lightly sweetening the natural
Pissing on the 3rd rail
"Invincible" stenciled on a pistol
dramatically cool, sylvia plath shit
I think there's some drama, but I'm not sure
if it is Steve, Brandon or Diane di Prima. I also
have to pee but it's not really bothering me.
but there I go, peeing Britishly
peeing pounds into a hole
rip of rate
pee. reading Diana di Prima
and...okay I'm peeing.
and ok I piss and make my way to
Utopia I make my way to my Kairos and
so toss a magazine to you, dearest Stella,
love, your Astrophel
love, your only ever god-like friend, sick w/
lots of pathos spread all over nice bread.
What's that? What's my heart say? Oh yeah, it says

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